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Camping Opatija


Discover Opatija Camping in Ičići

Located in the picturesque town of Ičići, Croatia, Opatija Camping offers a serene retreat nestled in nature, providing a harmonious setting for a memorable holiday experience. Just a short distance from the sea and a beautiful beach, this green oasis is ideal for those seeking tranquility and adventure.

Activities and Facilities

Opatija Camping caters to outdoor enthusiasts with a plethora of activities within easy reach. From hiking, biking, and swimming to sailing, volleyball, and more, there is something for everyone. Special offers like “Bikers Welcome” make it an attractive choice for those seeking an active getaway. The campsite provides various accommodations, sports facilities, and recreational options, ensuring a fulfilling stay for guests.

Exploring the Area

Adjacent to the camp, visitors can access additional sports facilities, pristine beaches, a nature park, and popular dining spots. The region boasts exceptional archaeological sites, offering insights into human presence dating back thousands of years. With its focus on nautical tourism, Opatija Camping serves as a gateway to explore the cultural and natural riches of the Kvarner region.

Campsite Amenities

  • Accommodation: Choose from a variety of terrains including grass or gravel, with options for sunny, semi-sunny, or shaded lots.
  • Sanitary Facilities: Several locations offer amenities such as cold/hot/drinking water, toilets, shower cabins, and sinks, including facilities for disabled guests.
  • Pet-Friendly: Pets are allowed, with charges based on the number of pets per stay.
  • Electricity: Guests need their own extension cables; a 220 V (6 A) connection is included in the price.

Unique Experiences

Spring camping at Opatija Camping is a tranquil escape before the bustling summer season, with moderate temperatures perfect for outdoor endeavors. The camp often hosts themed activities and events, creating lasting memories for families and friends. In the vicinity, guests can explore rare plant and animal species, enjoy local culinary delights, and savor homemade wines amidst breathtaking natural surroundings.

Embark on a rejuvenating camping adventure at Opatija Camping, where every moment is an opportunity to connect with nature and create cherished memories.


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