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Camping Spittelberg


Welcome to Camping-Spittelberg

Experience Nature and Comfort

Located in the serene Traisental area, Camping-Spittelberg offers a perfect blend of nature and convenience for campers of all ages. Whether you seek a spontaneous tent adventure, a caravan journey, or a mobile home escape, this campground caters to every camper’s needs.

Facilities and Amenities

At Camping-Spittelberg, you will find everything you need for a relaxing stay:

  • Restaurant: Indulge in delicious meals and personalized service, along with local excursion recommendations.
  • Camping Areas: Choose from various camping spots for your own tent, caravan, or camper van.
  • The Pond: Enjoy a tranquil stroll around the small, picturesque pond and treat yourself to snacks or drinks on the pond terrace.
  • Activities: Delight in nearby attractions like a summer toboggan run just 100 meters away.

Relaxation and Recreation

The campground’s small pond provides a serene setting for relaxation and refreshment during warm days. Take a leisurely walk around the pond or unwind on the pond terrace with a snack, immersing yourself in a peaceful atmosphere.

Events and More

Throughout the year, Camping-Spittelberg hosts exciting events, promising an exceptional camping experience akin to the Wild West. Engage in fitness events and enjoy the vibrant community atmosphere while staying at the campground.

Whether you’re planning a short camping trip or a longer adventure, Camping-Spittelberg offers a welcoming environment where you can create unforgettable memories surrounded by nature’s beauty.


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