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Camping Stone Valley


Camping Stone Valley in Tieschen

Welcome to Camping Stone Valley, a charming campground located in Tieschen, offering an ideal setting for a relaxing or active vacation. The small and family-friendly nature of this campsite creates a carefree atmosphere for all visitors.

Accommodation Options

The campground provides pitches of approximately [size] for your convenience.

Amenities and Services

  • Online Booking: Easily make reservations anytime on the campground’s website with just a few clicks, allowing for flexibility in your busy schedule.
  • 24/7 Check-In: Arrive at the campground at any time of the day or night for your convenience.
  • First Aid: Rest assured with access to emergency medical assistance around the clock through a dedicated hotline.
  • Waste Management: Containers are available on-site for glass and cans disposal.
  • No Cash Payments: Please note that cash withdrawals and card payments are not accepted on the premises.

Data Privacy and Communication

When contacting Camping Stone Valley through their website’s form or email, your information will be securely stored for six months to process your inquiries and provide follow-up support. Rest assured that your data remains confidential and will not be shared without your permission.

Additional Information

The campground does not utilize cookies on its website in order to prioritize user-friendly experiences. For guests looking to explore the area, the site is conveniently situated and allows easy access to nearby attractions.


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