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Campingparadies Mattsee


Campingparadies Mattsee

Discover the hidden gem of Campingparadies Mattsee, nestled in the heart of nature’s tranquility. This campground offers a serene escape for those seeking solace amidst lush greenery and stunning landscapes.


Located in a picturesque setting near the enchanting Mattsee Lake, Campingparadies Mattsee provides a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. The crystal-clear waters and the surrounding mountain views create a breathtaking backdrop for your camping experience.


  • Spacious Campsites: Choose from a variety of spacious campsites, suitable for tents, RVs, and campervans. Whether you prefer a secluded spot under the trees or a lakefront view, Campingparadies Mattsee has the perfect site for you.
  • Modern Facilities: Enjoy the convenience of modern facilities including clean restrooms, hot showers, laundry services, and WiFi access.
  • Outdoor Activities: Immerse yourself in nature with a range of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, and water sports. There’s something for every outdoor enthusiast to enjoy.
  • Children’s Playground: Families with children will appreciate the on-site playground where kids can have fun and make new friends in a safe environment.
  • On-Site Restaurant: Indulge in delicious meals at the campground’s restaurant, offering a variety of local and international dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

Local Attractions

Explore the charming village of Mattsee with its historic buildings and cultural landmarks. Take a leisurely stroll along the lake shore, visit the local markets, or engage in water activities such as swimming and boating.

Events and Entertainment

Experience the vibrant local culture through various events and entertainment options organized at Campingparadies Mattsee. From live music nights to themed parties, there’s always something exciting happening to enhance your camping experience.

Embark on a memorable camping adventure at Campingparadies Mattsee, where nature’s beauty meets modern convenience for the ultimate getaway. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, this campground has everything you need for a fulfilling outdoor retreat.


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