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Campingplatz Emma Wanderer


Emma Wanderer Campground – Remote Work Campus Alps

Located at the gateway to Gesäuse National Park, Emma Wanderer Campground introduces the first Remote Work Campus in Austria, offering a unique blend of nature and productivity.

Remote Work Campus Alps

Experience a modern work environment surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The Club Office redefines co-working spaces with abundant natural light, wooden interiors, and inspiring views, creating a professional yet comfortable setting.

Camping and Working in Nature

Escape the traditional office setup and embrace a new way of working with the Camping & Workation concept. Take your workspace outdoors and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Alps.

Camping Offers

  • Camping & Workation: Bring your office to the great outdoors for a refreshing work experience.
  • Workation for Families: Ideal for remote workers with children, offering a work-life balance against the stunning backdrop of Gesäuse National Park.

Remote Work Campus Features

  • Tiny Homes: Special accommodations for a cozy and unique stay amidst the mountains.
  • High-Speed Internet: Stay connected with fiber internet services for uninterrupted work.
  • Nature Park Experiences: Enjoy the perfect balance between work and nature with organized outdoor activities.

10er Flex Pass Campsite

Opt for the 10-night Flex Pass Campsite, offering maximum flexibility with access to Club Office and Flex Desks, ensuring a productive and comfortable stay.

General Information – Campus Alps

All inquiries are customizable to meet individual needs. The campground is easily accessible from major cities like Vienna and Munich, making it a convenient yet tranquil retreat.

Experience the future of work nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps at Emma Wanderer Campground’s Remote Work Campus Alps.


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