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Erlebniscampingplatz – Camping Mayrhofen


Camping Mayrhofen is nestled in a breathtaking landscape, offering an immersive experience surrounded by pure nature. For added convenience, guests have the option to rent a private family bathroom equipped with a toilet, shower, and sink, just 800m away.


  • Stellplätze:
    • Summer: Explore the various campsite options.
    • Winter: Discover the campground’s winter offerings.
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Facilities and Amenities

Campsite Amenities:

Experience a carefree camping vacation with a range of amenities, including standard, comfort, and luxury campsites, sanitary facilities, and the option to rent private bathrooms. Electricity, water, and sewage hookups are available, with prices ranging from €3.00 per day to €30.00 per month.

Entertainment for Kids:

Children are well catered for at the campground, ensuring a fun-filled experience for the whole family.

Additional Information:

  • Summer Activities:
    • Enjoy climbing adventures.
    • Engage in recreational activities for a memorable summer vacation.
  • Winter Getaways:
    • Indulge in skiing and sledding.
    • Experience the magic of winter in Zillertal.

Additional Resources

Prices and Reservations:

Get an overview of all prices, including seasonal rates, family bathroom rentals, and WiFi charges. Note that the campground has scheduled closure from October 13, 2024, to December 12, 2024.

On-Site Offerings:

  • Kiosk: The on-site kiosk provides campers with a variety of food items for a delightful camping experience.

Explore Year-Round Activities

Winter Holiday in Zillertal:

Enjoy a winter wonderland with activities like skiing and cross-country skiing, making the campground a perfect destination for winter enthusiasts.

Summer Adventures:

Experience the thrill of summer with ample biking and mountain biking trails up to 2000m altitude in the Zillertal region.

This comprehensive HTML guide captures the essence of Camping Mayrhofen, presenting a wide range of amenities and activities for an unforgettable camping experience amidst nature’s beauty.


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