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Welcome to Dammwirt Campground

About Us

Located near the scenic Moosburger Teiche, Dammwirt Campground offers a family-friendly camping experience, including furry friends with their bathing area. Just 0.5 km from the Moosburg Golf Course and 3 km from Pörtschach/Wörthersee, this campground provides a peaceful retreat amidst the hustle and bustle. Adjacent to the campground is the renowned “Zum Dammwirt” gasthaus, known for its exceptional cuisine. During winter, the frozen teiche transform into a playground for ice sports like ice skating and Eisstockschießen.


The Moosburger Teiche are perfect for serene fishing experiences, with some mentioning that even the caught fish get their own celebration. Anglers can obtain fishing permits at the “Zum Dammwirt” restaurant, operating from June 3rd to September 30th in 2024.

For Camper Reservations

If you’re planning a camping getaway, don’t miss the chance to reserve your spot in advance. The campground ensures a confirmed booking via email, offering a hassle-free process for campers.

Explore the Surroundings

Aside from the angling paradise, Moosburg boasts hiking trails and diverse entertainment options. For sports and leisure activities, check out the municipality’s website for up-to-date offerings. A highlight is Moosburg’s historic Golfplatz, a must-visit for golf enthusiasts. And for further exploration, the vibrant Wörthersee is a short drive away, offering a plethora of activities, including harbor festivals, boat rides, and a breathtaking lakeside ambiance.

Special Amenities

  • Unique Camping Experience: Opt for renting a caravan at the campground for a tailored camping adventure.
  • Winter Activities: When the icy spell arrives, enjoy winter sports like ice skating and Eisstockschießen on the frozen teiche.

Children’s Delight

Dammwirt warmly welcomes families with children, promising a memorable and engaging experience for the little ones.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or to book your camping spot, reach out to Fam Makai at Dammwirt Campground in Moosburg.


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