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Mali Wimbledon


Camping Mali Wimbledon in Bosnia and Herzegovina

About the Campground

Camping Mali Wimbledon is one of the best and the first registered campgrounds in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located just 10 km south of Mostar, at the entrance to the small Herzegovinian town of Blagaj, this campground offers a perfect base for exploring the cultural-historical monuments and natural beauties of Herzegovina.

Features and Amenities

  • Located near various attractions including The Old Town and The Old Bridge in Mostar, The Buna River Spring with the Dervish Tekija, old town in Počitelj, Stolac stone artifacts, Kravice waterfall, and Mogorjelo in Čapljina.
  • Open year-round, welcoming visitors to enjoy the serene surroundings.
  • Set at the coordinates 43o 20′ latitude north and 17o49′ longitude east, offering a picturesque location for camping.
  • Rich historical narratives with the Dervish house on Buna spring founded by the Bektashi order in the 16th century.
  • Artistic community in Počitelj open for visitors, hosting poetry evenings and cultural events.
  • Annual tourism event in Počitelj known as Trešnjava nedjelja held in early June.

Explore Međugorje

Međugorje, known for the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1981, has become a significant pilgrimage site attracting visitors from across the globe.

  • Visit the Church of St. James, a venue for various religious events.
  • Experience the Risen Redeemer statue with continuous holy water dripping behind the church.
  • Discover the necropolis on Radimlja featuring 133 stećci, with 63 beautifully ornamented.
  • Witness the natural wonder of the Trebizat River contributing to the stunning waterfalls.

For a camping experience that combines rich history, natural beauty, and spiritual significance, Camping Mali Wimbledon is the ideal choice in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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