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Mesnerhof – C Tirol


Mesnerhof-C Tirol – Best Community Retreat in the Alps

Mesnerhof Community Retreat:

Experience the allure of the Mesnerhof-C, a gem nestled in the mountains. This retreat combines the serenity of three beautifully renovated buildings – the main house (CABIN) and the former hay barn (CAMP), accommodating up to 37 individuals. A haven of Super-Self-Sufficiency, it provides a unique experience in the heart of the Alps. Immerse yourself in the alpine lifestyle intertwined with modern co-living and co-working dynamics. The cozy sleeping nooks offer mountain views and a touch of wood-scented tranquility. The rustic charm of the farmer’s era is lovingly restored for a comfortable, authentic stay.


Discover a contemporary mountain camp seamlessly blending co-living and co-working spaces. The attic boasts a soft sleeping landscape, framing mountains through charming dormer windows. Mesnerhof CAMP stands out in Austria as a beacon of tourism innovation. Sunlight streams through large windows, enhancing the inviting atmosphere. The warming glow of the fireplace complements the central heating system. Enjoy the communal space for shared moments and get to know the local service providers, our valued partners, gradually introduced in the community area.

New Work at Mesnerhof-C:

Embrace the concept of New Work at Mesnerhof-C, exploring the fusion of space and innovation since the early 2000s. Dive into the possibilities of leveraging “Land & Nature” for creative emergence with the NeuLand concept. The iconic “Wood-Ship” serves as a flexible workshop space, accommodating various collaborative activities. Engage in new ways of working in this dynamic setting conducive to creativity and productivity.

SlowEvent at Mesnerhof-C:

Experience the essence of Slow Events at Mesnerhof-C, where tranquility reigns over unnecessary hustle. While celebrations and even weddings are welcomed, they are curated to preserve the serenity of the surroundings. Dive into the DIY ethos, fostering a sense of self-sufficiency and community spirit. Discover the Super-List for Self-Catering, empowering you to craft your event with care and intention.

Super Self-Sufficiency Service:

Explore the self-determined approach at Mesnerhof-C with the valuable “Super-List for Self-Sufficiency,” ensuring your needs are met while encouraging independence. Delve into a realm where tradition meets innovation, promoting sustainable tourism practices and preserving the alpine heritage.


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