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Naturcamping Juritz | Feistritz im Rosental


Naturcamping Juritz in Feistritz im Rosental – Campen in Kärnten


Experience a delightful camping holiday in the Rosental valley in Carinthia, where vacations are truly under good stars. Once you have camped, you are forever a camper! Camping means being close to nature, truly “in touch” as the English say. Embrace nature, unwind by the campfire with a glass in hand, and share stories. Discover Carinthia, where the leisure region around Feistritz offers a diverse sports and entertainment program for all ages. Stress is a foreign concept at Naturcamping, where you can enjoy pure nature, tranquility, and a wide range of sports and leisure activities.


  • Family-run campground located in Feistritz im Rosental, Carinthia
  • Tranquil setting off the main road amidst the beautiful Rosental valley
  • Abundance of outdoor sports and recreational opportunities
  • Restaurant serving mouthwatering local and international cuisine
  • Opportunities for hiking, cycling, and exploring the surrounding nature
  • Proximity to attractions like Tscheppaschlucht – a stunning gorge with waterfalls


Indulge in a culinary journey at the campground’s restaurant, offering a menu that celebrates local, seasonal produce. From casual camping dishes to fine dining experiences, every meal is a treat for the taste buds. The restaurant’s emphasis on fresh, regional ingredients ensures a memorable dining experience that complements your camping adventure.


Whether you prefer hiking, biking, or leisurely strolls along the riverside, Camping Juritz provides a perfect base for outdoor exploration. Families can enjoy the Drauradweg (R1) for cycling or challenge themselves on the Karawanken mountain bike trails. Nearby attractions like Tscheppaschlucht offer thrilling adventures amid picturesque natural landscapes.

Camping Experience

Camping at Naturcamping Juritz is a blend of freedom, relaxation, and quality service. The campground’s commitment to meeting guests’ needs ensures a memorable camping holiday for repeat visitors. As one of the most child-friendly campgrounds in Carinthia, it offers a perfect balance of fun, relaxation, and family-friendly amenities. Additionally, fine dining options are available within reach, allowing guests to savor gourmet meals while keeping an eye on their little ones.

COVID-19 Information

Your safety is a priority. In case of travel restrictions or border closures due to COVID-19, your booking deposit will be refunded without additional charges.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Carinthia at Naturcamping Juritz, where nature, comfort, and adventure harmonize to create an unforgettable camping experience.


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