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Naturfreunde Pöchlarn


Naturfreunde Campgrounds – Explore Nature with a Purpose

Discover the Naturfreunde campgrounds scattered across Austria, including Purgstall, Purkersdorf, Rabenstein, Randegg, and Rohrbach/Göls. These campsites are not just about camping; they embody a community of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to promoting nature experiences, sports, and cultural events.

Outdoor Adventures and Activities

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while engaging in various activities such as cycling, paddling, volleyball, and hiking. The campgrounds offer over 5,000 km of hiking trails, 100 climbing and bouldering halls, and a wild water competence center for adrenaline-filled experiences.

Membership Benefits and Involvement Opportunities

  • Join the Tribe: Become a member of Naturfreunde and enjoy a myriad of benefits ranging from outdoor gear exchange programs to liability insurance coverage.
  • Team Spirit: Enhance your camping experience by participating in training as an outdoor activity leader or instructor.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Naturfreunde is committed to preserving the environment, promoting sustainability, and advocating for eco-friendly practices.

Community Engagement and Projects

Be part of the Umweltallianz Österreich, contributing to a sustainable Europe and advocating for environmental protection. Join hands with like-minded individuals in initiatives that prioritize nature conservation and raise awareness about the importance of our natural ecosystems.

Accessible Adventures

Naturfreunde ensures inclusive outdoor experiences by offering barrier-free paths suitable for individuals with disabilities, including wheelchair users. Everyone deserves to connect with nature and enjoy its wonders.

Protecting Natural Treasures

Support efforts to preserve precious landscapes like the Nordtiroler Dolomiten and prevent unsustainable development that could harm these delicate ecosystems. Sign petitions, support campaigns, and be a voice for nature conservation.

Embark on a camping journey with Naturfreunde and embrace the call of the wild while contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.


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