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Ötscherland Camping Lunz am See

Welcome to Ötscherland Camping in Lunz am See

Located in the picturesque Lunz am See, Ötscherland Camping offers a unique camping experience surrounded by nature’s pure beauty. Situated in the wild Mostviertel region on the northern edge of the Alps in Lower Austria, this camping site provides a tranquil yet central location. Lunz am See, known as a mountaineering village, prides itself on sustainable tourism within an untouched natural and cultural landscape. Explore the numerous nearby attractions and immerse yourself in the beauty of Lunz am See.


For those traveling light, the Oishütte offers a cozy option with four single beds, a small seating area with a table, lighting, electricity, and Wi-Fi access. The campsite boasts free Wi-Fi coverage almost everywhere, ensuring you stay connected during your stay. Additionally, the communal area provides a cozy space for gatherings even on rainy days, complete with informational brochures for trip planning.

Services and Amenities

During the peak season, guests can enjoy daily fresh bakery goods from a local bakery. Ötscherland Camping emphasizes eco-friendliness, encouraging guests to separate and minimize waste for responsible disposal.

Exploring the Area

Discover the House of Wilderness in Lunz am See for insights into the Dürrenstein-Lassingtal wilderness area. Cycling enthusiasts can delight in the Ybbstal Cycle Path, offering a family-friendly and diverse route within the Mostviertel cycling network. For a relaxing day, visit the Ybbstaler Solebad in Göstling for a rejuvenating experience in the soothing sole pools and saunas.

Events and Festivals

Don’t miss out on the Ennstal Classic, a renowned vintage car event that passes through Lunz am See. Experience the summer festival, Wellenklaenge, at the Lunzer Seebühne in July, featuring various talented artists. Indulge in delicious pastries during the Webermarkt, courtesy of the Lunzer Bäuerinnen.

Plan Your Stay

Whether you are seeking adventure in the surrounding nature or relaxation by the lake, Ötscherland Camping in Lunz am See offers a diverse range of experiences for all camping enthusiasts.


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