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Robinzonski glamping kamp Marta


Glamping Marta

Select your experience of comfort and nature at Glamping Marta. Immerse yourself in the unique story of the Rinčić family and turn your holiday into an unforgettable adventure of outdoor living.

Campsite Mare

Experience a peaceful slumber under the nightfall at Campsite Mare, followed by a one-of-a-kind awakening in the middle of pristine nature.


Discover the fresh aroma of Mediterranean herbs surrounding you at every step. Live your fairy tale in the heart of olive orchards, participate in olive harvesting, and enjoy the organic vegetable garden for a healthy nutrition experience. Spend pleasant summer evenings in front of your tent with a glass of wine, gazing at the stars.


  • Airport: 13km away
  • Bus: 1km away
  • Market: 2km away
  • Coffee: available
  • Pool: Yes
  • Outdoor Breakfast: Yes
  • Family-friendly: Absolutely
  • Beaches: Pralisce Beach, Tunjara Beach, Poljica Beach

BBQ facilities & Outdoor dining area

Enhance your glamping experience with a picnic area set on the edge of the olive orchard. Join other glampers around the fireplace in the evening and celebrate special occasions with a touch of nature.

Experience luxury in the embrace of olive trees

Rinčić Family invites you to sleep under the stars at Glamping Marta, where wooden-glamping units offer comfort and charm in the midst of stunning nature.

Discover the Marina countryside and its unique offerings at Glamping Marta, where simplicity meets comfort for eco-travelers seeking an authentic experience in the lap of nature.


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