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Stellplatz Harrer Hill


STELLPLATZ HARRER HILL – Camping Haven in Almenland


Stellplatz Harrer Hill offers a serene camping experience amidst the picturesque Almenland region. Campers can recharge in the tranquility of nature while staying close to essential amenities.


  • Individual electric meters for campsite power usage
  • Shower facilities available with a coin-operated system
  • Strict leash policy for pets on-site
  • Respectful boundaries maintained between camping plots
  • Proper waste disposal facilities


Explore the nearby attractions and activities near Stellplatz Harrer Hill:

  • Only 3.5km away from Passail, a charming town in the Almenland region
  • Discover the heritage of the area, including cheese produced at Sennerei Leitner
  • Engage in golfing for a blend of leisure and challenge
  • Enjoy scenic hikes on the Nechnitz plateau at 960m above sea level

Additional Information

While reveling in the beauty of the surroundings, campers are reminded of important campground policies and surrounding activities:

  • Campsite visitors are advised about internet security and cookies
  • Google and social media plugins are utilized on the grounds
  • Respect for copyright and trademark laws is emphasized

Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of Stellplatz Harrer Hill, where nature and modern comforts meet seamlessly for a memorable camping experience.


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