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Unger Alpaka Camping


Welcome to Freude an Alpakas Campground

About the Campground

Experience the beauty of biologically managed farmland in the picturesque region of South-Eastern Styria at Freude an Alpakas Campground. Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings and unique opportunities to interact closely with alpacas and llamas.

Activities and Services

  • Guided walks with alpacas and llamas
  • Alpaca shearing services
  • Animal transportation facilities

Alpaca and Llama Experiences

Alpacas and llamas at Freude an Alpakas Campground aren’t just companions; they also provide high-quality products. From the guided walks to learning about their history and lifestyle, every moment spent with these charming creatures is enriching.

Explore the Area

Embark on various excursions like the Annaberg Experience Tour, moonlit hikes, and even yoga sessions amidst the herd. The campground offers a range of activities catering to different preferences.

Alpaca and Llama Insights

Discover fascinating facts about alpacas and llamas, from their breeding habits to their role in ancient civilizations. Engage with these gentle animals, learn about their domestication, and witness firsthand the beauty of their wool products.

Health and Well-being

Get to know the unique anatomy of these New World camels, including their three-part stomach and absence of humps. Learn about common skin issues in alpacas and how to address them effectively for their well-being.

At Freude an Alpakas Campground, immerse yourself in nature, learn about these lovely creatures, and create unforgettable memories surrounded by the tranquility of the South-Eastern Styrian landscape.


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