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VWF Fischerlager


Experience Nature at VWF Fischerlager Campground

Immerse yourself in the world of fishing and nature at the VWF Fischerlager Campground. Scheduled for July 2024, this camp offers a unique opportunity for children to learn and practice all aspects of fishing, both in theory and in practice. Participants will gain a deep understanding of fishing-related concepts, environmental connections, legal regulations, as well as fishing and equipment knowledge amidst the enchanting backdrop of a campfire experience.

Age Requirements and Activities

  • To participate in the fishing camp, children must be at least 9 years old or accompanied by a responsible adult. Participants will engage in activities like understanding fish handling practices and learning the ropes of ethical fishing.

Instruction and Curriculum

  • The camp offers a comprehensive curriculum that extends beyond standard fishing courses. With a focus on both theoretical and practical training, participants will benefit from a richer educational experience.

Equipment and Essentials

  • From fishing gear like rods and reels to camping essentials such as tents and sleeping arrangements, the camp provides an inclusive list of required items for a fulfilling camping and fishing experience.
  • A detailed packing list assists campers in preparing for their adventure, ensuring they have all necessary items for a comfortable stay.

Campground Facilities

  • Participants will utilize tents mainly for sleeping between 22:00 and 06:00, with shared storage space for fishing equipment. The campgrounds are designed to provide a balance of comfort and functionality during the camping experience.

Certifications and Registration

  • For those interested in obtaining a fishing license, the camp offers training and guidance for the fishing examination. Instructions for registration and examination processes are clearly outlined to facilitate a smooth transition into the program.

Embark on a journey of nature exploration and fishing education at the VWF Fischerlager Campground in July 2024. Discover the beauty of the outdoors and the art of fishing in a supportive and educational camping environment.


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