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Wechselland Camping


Wechselland Camping – Explore the Beauty of Styria

Experience the essence of Styrian living, nature immersion, and relaxation amidst lush greenery at Wechselland Camping.

Important Dates

Opening Date: April 12, 2024

Our camping site will open in April, introducing our on-site delicatessen. Embracing the serene natural surroundings, our campground offers a unique experience and a range of activities for every guest.

For families, we have a playground catering to our youngest visitors.

Wechselland-Camping – Modern Campsite

Currently under construction, our campground is being designed to offer modern facilities and spacious pitches for your comfort during your stay.

Ab-Hof Delicatessen

Our Ab-Hof shop focuses on educating visitors, especially children, consumers, and future guests, about food production processes and the respectful treatment of animals.

Connect With Us

For inquiries and communication, you can easily reach out to us through the contact form on our website or via email. Rest assured, any information you provide will be handled confidentially.

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Immerse yourself in a stay at Wechselland Camping where nature, education, and relaxation intertwine harmoniously, promising a getaway unlike any other.


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