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CAMPPA Smart Parking Systems GmbH

CAMPPA Smart Parking Systems GmbH offers a unique solution by transforming unused land into profitable parking spaces for campervan enthusiasts. Catering to individuals who love to immerse themselves in nature without worrying about parking logistics, CAMPPA provides a convenient and efficient way to access beautiful camping spots.


  • Smart Parking Systems: Utilize innovative technology to turn idle land into lucrative parking areas.
  • Flexible Booking: Campers can easily search, view, and reserve parking spaces online.
  • Additional Revenue: Property owners have the opportunity to generate extra income without being physically present.
  • Convenient App: Access the CAMPPA app to find officially permitted parking locations.


  • Winter Park Options: Explore the most scenic winter parking locations in Austria.
  • Travel Routes: Embark on captivating journeys like a lakeside tour through Austria or a camper round trip.
  • Social Wall: Engage with other campers via CAMPPA’s social media platform showcasing real experiences and recommendations.

Benefits for Landowners:

  • Effortless Revenue: Earn extra income from empty land without the need for physical presence.
  • Diverse Locations: Offer suitable parking spaces near hiking trails, e-bike routes, lakes, or other popular attractions.
  • Flexible Payment: Receive payments online once campers leave the premises, simplifying transactions.

Company Background:

CAMPPA, an Austrian company, focuses on providing smart parking solutions that benefit both landowners and campers. Wolfgang Spieler, the founder, introduced the smart parking pillar to facilitate easy access to camping spots. The company has won accolades, such as the GEWINN Young Entrepreneur Competition in 2021, highlighting its commitment to innovation and service excellence.

Whether you are a landowner looking to capitalize on idle space or a camper seeking hassle-free parking in picturesque locations, CAMPPA’s smart parking systems offer a seamless and rewarding experience for all outdoor enthusiasts.


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