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Camping Muntafuner Stöbli


Muntafuner Stöbli Campground in Gortipohl, Montafon

Welcome to Muntafuner Stöbli in Gortipohl, a delightful campground nestled in the heart of Montafon. Offering a perfect blend of stylish guesthouse atmosphere and cozy comfort, this campground is your ideal retreat for a dream holiday experience. Whether you are a couple seeking a romantic escape or a family looking for fun and relaxation, Muntafuner Stöbli caters to guests of all ages.


Experience pure recreation in spacious guest rooms and comfortable apartments, thoughtfully designed to enhance your holiday stay. The loving arrangement and generous size of the accommodations ensure a restful and rejuvenating experience amidst the picturesque surroundings of Montafon.


Located in Gortipohl, Montafon, Muntafuner Stöbli offers easy access via various routes including the Rhine valley motorway A14 and the picturesque Arlberg pass. Whether you arrive by car or use public transportation, reaching this campground is convenient and hassle-free.


Immerse yourself in a variety of recreational activities both in winter and summer. From skiing and snowboarding in the snowy months to hiking, biking, and golfing during the warmer seasons, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the stunning Montafon region.

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  • Toll Stickers: When driving on Austrian motorways and highways, remember to display obligatory toll stickers.
  • Transport Options: Plan your trip conveniently by train or plane, with detailed transport information available to make your journey stress-free.
  • Route Planner: Utilize the route planner to navigate your way to Muntafuner Stöbli with ease.

Experience a warm welcome and exceptional hospitality at Muntafuner Stöbli, where every detail is tailored to ensure your holiday is truly memorable. Book your stay now and create unforgettable memories in the beautiful Montafon region.


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