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Campingplatz der Parktherme Bad Radkersburg


Camping der Therme Bad Radkersburg | Parktherme

Located directly next to the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg, the Camping der Therme offers a perfect retreat for all camping enthusiasts. Whether you are traveling solo, on a couple’s getaway, with your furry friend, or with the whole family, this campground provides a mix of relaxation and freedom just a five-minute walk from the historic town of Bad Radkersburg.

After a day of adventures, you can enjoy a meal at one of the on-site restaurants, explore cozy eateries in the nearby town center, visit traditional wine taverns, or pick up groceries just 300 meters away for shared cooking evenings at the campground.


  • Proximity: Adjacent to Parktherme and a short walk from Bad Radkersburg’s Old Town.
  • Dining: Options range from on-site restaurants to local cafes and traditional Austrian taverns.
  • Activities: Varied activities for solo travelers, couples, families, and pet owners.

Herbstangebote | Parktherme

In the vibrant autumn landscape, the Camping der Therme offers a serene escape with its setting between the Parktherme and the Mur River. Ideal for embarking on cycling and hiking tours in the Mur meadows or enjoying culinary journeys through the numerous local wine taverns, complete your autumn experience with a taste of fresh “Sturm” wine and chestnuts.

Seasonal Activities:

  • Autumn Retreat: Relax in the warm thermal waters amidst the picturesque fall surroundings.
  • Winter Camping: Experience the tranquility of winter landscapes and cozy camping options.
  • Advent Time: Enjoy the enchanting Christmas markets and ice skating in Old Town Bad Radkersburg.

Winter Camping Tips:

  • Stay warm with proper gear like thermal clothing and heating devices.
  • Experience unique winter camping with tent heaters for added comfort.

Frühlingsangebote | Campingplatz der Parktherme

Embrace the mild temperatures and lush surroundings of Bad Radkersburg during springtime at the Camping der Therme. Dive into the rejuvenating hot spring pools, with temperatures reaching 36°C, and participate in the complimentary Active & Vital program featuring energizing activities to shake off the winter slumber.

Whether you seek a relaxing thermal spa visit or a fun-filled family camping experience, Camping der Therme Bad Radkersburg provides the perfect setting for outdoor enjoyment and leisure in any season.


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