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Autocamp Plivsko jezero


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Auto Camp “Plivsko jezero” is nestled amidst the serene Pliva Lakes, surrounded by stunning nature, offering a perfect setting for an active outdoor retreat. The lakes provide ample opportunities for sports like fishing, kayaking on calm waters, canoeing, mountain biking, and hiking. The vicinity boasts numerous picturesque excursion spots.

Key Features

  • Opening Dates: 15.04 – 31.09
  • Capacity: Up to 600 people
  • Campsite Area: 33,000 sqm
  • Distance from Jajce: 5 km
  • Facilities: Currency exchange, on-site restaurant, and cafe bar, laundry services with washing and drying machines
  • Accessibility: Sanitary facilities and parts of the camp are wheelchair-friendly
  • Recreational Activities: Volleyball court, table tennis, children’s playground, facilities for waste water service for trailers and campers
  • Pet-Friendly: Pets are allowed in the camp

Awards and Recognition

Recognized as one of the most modern and largest auto camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Auto Camp “Plivsko jezero” has been awarded the prestigious GOLDEN HOSPITALITY CROWN in 2006 and 2007. With 100 camping spots all equipped with electricity connections, this campsite offers high standards for campers.

Camping Rates

  • Adults: EUR 5.13 / KM 10
  • Children under 7 years: EUR 1.54 / KM 3
  • Children 7 – 14 years: EUR 3.59 / KM 7
  • Unparcelled camping spot without electricity: EUR 6.15 / KM 12
  • Parcelled camping spot with electricity: EUR 8.21 / KM 16

House Rules

Guests are required to register at the reception with valid identification upon entry. Rules cover aspects like quiet hours, traffic within the campsite, cleanliness, pet regulations, fire safety, and campsite etiquette.

On-Site Restaurant and Cafe Bar

The camp’s restaurant offers a variety of grilled dishes, including the famous local trout, best enjoyed with a glass of wine. The cafe bar terrace provides a relaxing ambiance with a selection of beverages, including traditional Bosnian plum brandy.


For bookings, guests can fill out the reservation form or contact via email at [email protected]. Various accommodation options are available, and guests can specify their preferences and details for a streamlined reservation process.


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