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Seecamp Zell am See – Your Perfect Mountain Getaway


Experience the beauty of every season at the newly constructed Seecamp Zell am See in the picturesque Salzburg region. Just a 15-minute walk from the charming mountain town, this campground offers the perfect escape in the mountains. You can even opt for a private bathroom rental for added comfort.

Winter Activities

For ski enthusiasts, a variety of ski resorts are within easy reach, catering to all skill levels. Additionally, winter vacationers can indulge in numerous sports and activities in Zell am See and its surroundings.

Water Adventures

Water lovers will delight in the year-round swimming opportunities right from the campground. The adjacent lake offers a range of water sports for enthusiasts of all kinds, making it a haven for aquatic adventures.

Accommodation Options

  • Campsite Choices:
    • Zeltwiese See (Small Tent + Car)
    • Zeltwiese See (Large Tent + Car)
    • Zeltwiese Motorbike (Small Tent + Motorbike)
    • Zeltwiese Bicycle (Small Tent + Bicycle)
    • Zeltwiese Motorbike (Small Tent + Motorbike) incl. 2 persons
  • Camping Huts: Cozy huts accommodating 1-4 persons, providing a unique camping experience.

On-Site Facilities

The campground boasts modern amenities, including Wi-Fi throughout the site, well-maintained sanitary facilities, and a renowned à-la-carte restaurant with a lakeside terrace serving Austrian and international delicacies.

Special Offers

Take advantage of the winter package offering six months on-site for two people with a 50% discount at the Zeller indoor pool and sauna. Arrive to a newly renovated main building housing a reception, shop, restaurant, and top-notch service facilities, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Additional Information

  • Open All Year: Enjoy the campground’s offerings year-round.
  • Guest Card: Access complimentary services and discounts in the area.
  • Recreation: Engage in various activities like biking, with a bike rental available on-site.

Explore Zell am See

Discover the enchanting Zeller See surrounded by the unique Pinzgauer Grasberge mountains and immerse yourself in a mix of relaxation, sports, fun, and culture in this breathtaking setting.

Live Views

Get a glimpse of the stunning scenery with live webcam footage showcasing the campground’s idyllic location on the shores of Zeller See.


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